“If you wish to succeed, you must listen to yourself, to your own heart, and have the courage to go your own way.”

                - Robert Mondavi

Lydia Crichton crafts stories of suspense
that are rooted in complex and controversial
social and political issues.

About the Author A native Texan, Lydia has enjoyed a twenty-plus year career in marketing and fundraising for nonprofit organizations in major cities across the United States. Extensive international travel furthered her education in many invaluable and unexpected ways.On a trip to Egypt in 2002, poignant experiences led her to discover a passion for telling stories that entertain as they explore complex and controversial social and political issues. She currently lives in California’s Napa Valley—the inspiration for a second book woven around the shambles of illegal immigration in the U.S. She has recently completed the third book in the Julia Grant series, this one involving the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

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